Meditrek: Medical Education Management System

About HSoft

HSoft Corporation has been proudly serving medical education since 1992. We had a pioneering role in helping medical education management evolve from traditional ways to benefiting from today's Web based solutions.

Our mission is to improve the teaching quality of your program by providing efficient and easy-to-use web-based tools, thus bringing medical education management and administration to a higher level.

Solving problems is our passion. The reason Meditrek® is the system of choice to a diverse set of programs, large or small, is because our foremost goal is to listen to and act upon our customers' real needs. We design and create powerful modular solutions that are adaptable to unique challenges. Our competency is the result of continuous improvement while interacting with clients who represent a wide range of schools, residencies, fellowships, and specialized educational programs.

Our philosophy is that technology and computerization should not increase administrative burden. Instead, it should be a time saver by automating repetitive tasks; it should enable user-friendly data collection, manipulation, and archiving, to the benefit of administrators, directors, teaching faculty, preceptors, students, and residents; and it should be an indispensable tool in the hands of program directors, by identifying teaching-related issues and trends in advance via statistical analysis.

We are focused on personalized full service. We provide as much personal attention and support as you require. Our response time is short, we are very flexible, and we deliver on time and within budget.

No program is too small or too complex for a more efficient Meditrek® approach. We hope you will find us worthy to serve you next.